Friday, 23 April 2010

Three Scenarios for Journalists

Scenario I

Due to the fact of diminishing revenues, and work force, news media organizations have to adjust themselves into much smaller units.

Perhaps most significantly, the role of a journalist will change from a news gatherer to news flow manager and editor. The most of the raw material will originate from the low paid freelancers, high paid experts and celebrities, voluntary contributors, and accidental witnesses

With the help of different automated tools, the tiny corps of highly-skilled and paid journalists should be able to create the most relevant real-time news streams for the not-paying-anything mass audiences and the little-paying niche customers.

The core of the journalistic profession will be to curate steady intelligent streams of headlines and links. This first scenario can be called as
The Twitterization of the News.

Scenario II

By contrast to scenario I, also longer forms of journalism will survive, but only when well-written, narrated and researched. These quality stories could still be printed in paper.

This can be called as
The Economist -model.

Scenario III

It can also be predicted that the future of news is mobile. Special news and other applications should be designed to help us to filter the vastness of the information flows of the Net.

Mobile news could offer one new sustainable stream of revenues for struggling news organizations. But, however, how many news organizations do you know to have a solid strategy for mobile news business.

This third scenario is called as
News Goes Mobile.


According to
Wikipedia a scenario is an account or synopsis of a projected course of action, events or situations. Scenario development is used when organisations wish to test strategies against uncertain future developments.


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