Monday, 2 March 2009

The Future of the Print Media - Amazon's Kindle

First, Apple from Cupertino, Silicon Valley, designed and marketed iPod to us. Now, we are used to have all our music in our pockets. Next, we will easily carry with us all print media, books, newspapers, and magazines with the help of Amazon's Kindle. I will argue that the Seattle online retailer will transform the print publishing in coming years like Apple did with the music industry. Please, watch and listen the visions of the founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. Interestingly, he laughs a lot during these interviews. Interpretation: He must enjoy his work, creating the future, indeed.

"We had many failures... If you want to be inventive, you have to be willing to fail. You have to be willing to do experiments."

"We underestimated the demand.. Our forecasting abilities need improvments".

"The big blue sky, is the vision: every book, ever printed in any languages all available in 60 seconds. That's big, it's super cool, I think it is really good for the world. And I think it is good business". (Jeff Bezos, 26.2.2009)


Interview after Kindle 2
Charlie Rose: A conversation with Jeff Bezos, (26.2.2009)
Interview after Kindle 1
Charlie Rose:
A conversation with CEO Jeff Bezos (19.11.2007)

Latest News:

San Francisco Chronicle:
Apple iPad can be a game-changer in many fields (29.1.2010)
WSJ: Amazon's Profit Soars 71% (28.1.2010)

Amazon Kindle DX International: Too Late? (6.1.2010)

One reason that the Kindle has done well in spite of its limitations is that computers are made for drilling into data, not reading. The tablet represents an opportunity to renew the romance between printed material and consumer. - - A large number of publishers will have to step to the other side of the pay wall if paid digital content is going to gain any traction." NYT: A Savior in the Form of a Tablet (3.1.2010)

WSJ: Condé Preparing E-Reader Version of Wired (19.11.2009)

"There is, however, a device on the horizon that could really disrupt the e-reader market, and may even render them irrelevant in the near future. The mythical Apple tablet (or iPad) is the poster child for these devices."
(Tim Bajarin/PC Magazine: Can the Apple Tablet Kill the Kindle? 26.10.2009)

The Newspaper Isn't Dead YetWhy newsprint still beats the Kindle (18.6.2009)
MarketWatch (WSJ): Amazon shares jump on earnings surprise (24.4.2009)
TechCrunch/WP: 300,000 Kindle 2s Sold To Date (16.4.2009)
TechFlash: USA Today loads more content onto Amazon Kindle (15.4.2009)
MarketWatch: Amazon developing Kindle with larger screen - report (10.4.2009)
Barnes & Noble: Developing A Kindle Competitor? (8.4.2009)
Rupert Murdoch wants to apply Kindle Model to Newspapers (6.4.2009)

The New York Times:
Is This the Future of the Digital Book? (4.4.2009)
MobileMagazine: Rupert Murdoch Wants to Challenge Kindle with Four-Color E-Reader (3.4.2009) E-readers: can Plastic Logic bring in e-revenue for newspapers?
The New York Times:
Amazon to Sell E-Books for Apple Devices (4.3.2009)

"It signals that the company may be more interested in becoming the pre-eminent retailer of e-books than in being the top manufacturer of reading devices."

The Guardian:
Amazon caves to Authors Guild over Kindle's text-to-speech reading (1.3.2009)

Hearst Planning Electronic Reader Alternative To Kindle (27.2.2009)


Lance Ulanoff/PC Magazine:
Amazon Kindle 2: It's Not Like Print (15.4.2009)
Silicon Alley Insider/CNN Money:
10 Things We Love And Hate About Amazon's Kindle 2 (23.3.2009)
Farhad Manjoo/Slate:
iPhone vs. Kindle (Video, 12.3.2009)
Steve Rubel:The Amazon Kindle is the Great White Hope for Monetizing Print Media (9.3.2009)
Walt Mossberg/WSJ: Amazon’s Kindle 2 Improves the Good, Leaves Out the Bad (25.2.2009)

Extra Readings:

Newsweek: Stopping the Presses (20.2.2009)
The Economist:
Electronic books are becoming popular. Will newspapers follow? (12.2.2009)
The Economist: The growing popularity of electronic books could offer hope for newspapers (12.2.2009)
Newsweek: The Future of Reading (26.11.2007)

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